Cornerstone Sew & Vac Promotions, take advantage of our great promotions and sales all year long. 



Year-End Clearance

The year is coming to a close and we want to end the year with a BANG! Checkout the items that we have on sale in the store.

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Last Minute Shopper Sale 

Don't waste any more time. Stop on by Cornerstone Sew & Vac December 22nd and 23rd, and purchase sewing machines, vacuums, and other related items just in time for Christmas.

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12 Days of Christmas (Sundays Excluded)


Our sales just keep coming! The 12 Days of Christmas Sale, December 8th-21st, is here. So, let's spread some more Holiday Cheer! Each day for the next 12 business days, we will be offering you all something special. (Learn More)






Come take advantage of some of the greatest prices of the year on new machines, and some really super deals on notions and accessories. Go ahead and RSVP so that we make sure that this event will have you going hime with the Christmas spirit, full of good food, great gifts, and savings in your wallet. (Learn More)




Daniel is gone for five (5) days. Libby and Joey have gone mad and they're slashing prices. (Learn More)